★ Someone who understand. ★
Saturday, December 29, 2012

  If you ever passby and read this post of mine. I just want you to know that. I am still waiting here, waiting for you to reply me. I know i am not good, but I will not let what you have sacrifice for me to be wasted. I will never you down. Sooner or later, I will get you back and let you know that I have changed for you. Truly change. Somehow someday, the day will come. I just want you to know how much you meant to me to my life. I am sorry for what I have done to you, but I hope I can stay by your side once again and make you happy again. I am sorry for everything that I have done, for what I did to hurt you and all the sadness I bring to you. Sometimes , I wish we could just stay by a place and talk back our past. I went a lot of places these weeks, each places I went, for sure, our sweet memories are recalled. How we talk, we eat, walk in the shopping,  play arcade together and even watching movie together, too much to recall here. too much. Every action related to you, it will surely recall in my mind. It really recalled back a lot a lot of memories between us. Sometimes, I even feel a bit sad when  I reminiscence our memories. How I wish I could have turn back all of our happy time together. I know I will never find back the same girl like you, and I know I wont be falling so easily to another girl, or maybe wont. Yes, I maybe flirty but I know it is just not a relationship that I want and have with you before because I really used to have you by myself to help me, remind me, take care of me and even love me, but the most important of all is, I still love you. Just hope that when you read this, you will reply me and give me a chance again. Too much to be spoken and I cant put it in all here. I will never forget you.
I will be waiting for the day to come. Endurance will bring good forth works.

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★ O-V-E-R ★
Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is gone. Can never fix back again. Shattered all around. After all is my fault that cause all these to happen. No one to blame except myself. 
Is over and is no longer exist anymore.
What said is said, What done is done. Sad to say it can never be undone.
All the memories will be keep deep in my heart, I will never forget it. I will still cling on to the promise. I do not want to give up but I guess is really too late. really really too late. I always tell myself, is never too late if you have the heart to fix things right but it seems to go another way. Everything that I planned no longer can be use anymore. Every action that you did or the way of your reaction when you got shocked or even every move that you take will be deeply stored in my heart. The way how I hug you is the best feeling that I ever have. Guess I will not be able to do so again. 
A picture of us will be place on my wallpaper.
Thank you for being accompanying me for this few years.
Sorry too for what I done in the past that hurt you so much. 
A sincere sorry from the bottom of my heart. SORRY.
Hopefully in future, we can be good partners again. 
Take care and best wishes from me.
Hope to see you again. 

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★ Awake ★
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally, I realise is too late for me to hold on and try to fix things right.
I never thought is my mistakes and my fault until recently, I started to realise it. I have did something which is terrible and hurts my love ones. I even argued that I was not wrong but indeed I was wrong and yet I am not admitting it again. It happens a lot a lot a lot times in the past and I am not admitting my own fault and mistakes but trying to push away my fault by reasoning and judging.
Deep in my mind, I felt I am pretty useless, I never should have done all these. I'd told myself many times and promised a lot of times and yet I am doing once again.
Out of my expectations, I realise there is a sudden change in me. I am not acting like what I did last time. Many people do not believe it, even myself but I started to find myself can eventually not doing it. Have I really awake? No answer. Only time will prove. All The Best To Myself.

To be continued.....

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★ ★
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Can I go through these hard times?
Can I?

I never felt so depress and down in the past but this time I did.

How I wish time flies and it will be okay.

I caused so much of problems and trouble, bringing sorrow and sadness to you

I am sorry.

I really hope I can go through it and it will be a happy ending for me and you.

Just one last time.

I am truly deeply sorry.

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★ A.C.C.1.D.3.N.T.5 ★
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sigh. What a day.

Okay. Lets talk about what happened today. It was not a good thing but is worth to be kept in this place which will not perish or fade.

And yeah, today topic is about car. Accident.

Okay. First of all, after two years of using or sticking the P license on my car and using P license. I have finally so call graduated from the P license. Yeah, it was nice because I finally no longer a probation in driving and would not get scold by my parents for driving fast, which they thinks is "fast" but it is just normal speed in my perception. So yeah, it was a cool thing and I should be happy rite?

Well, but things don't always go the way you want.

I had met a car accident today on the evening. It wasn't really a major accident which we often see in newspaper which cause the traffic congested. So lets call it a minor accident but which do not seems to be minor to me. Hahahaa...

So this what exactly happen, I was driving on the straight road down to the slope. I wasn't really fast. My speed was around 50/60km and i was stepping on the brake pedal. Out of my expectation and beyond my imaginations, a car came out from the left junction and was coming out really slow. In my mind, I was thinking just to avoid the car by driving out of the line and it was not a double line, it is a road which cars came from opposite directions and I can see clearly cars are not coming from the opposite side that's why i decided to avoid it. I avoid it and I was spamming my car hon's onto the lady, who was the driver. In my mind, I thought I avoided and she will stop her car from moving out the junction but out of everyone expectations, she droves her car out from the junction, and yeah, guess what next? Bang! My car left side was bang by her front bumper.

So??? Is an accident lah. I thought it was not that serious and I straight away came down from my seat and take a look of my car. Wow ! My car front door was dented and it has scratches from the front door to back door which is left side.

I straightaway got shocked and stunned. Not realizing, it is real and I really met an accident. I was thinking, "it is a dream?""can i turn the time back" hahaha.. ss common i guess, because this is my first time involve in an accident after two years. The most ridiculous and funny thing is the moment that I have graduate from P license. I straightaway met an accident. How pathetic.

Haih, anyway I have made a police report and waiting for the insurance to be claimed for the repairs. I guess the repairs would take some time. Haih, wasted my holidays if the repairs take at least a week. Cant go anywhere already. Haih. But in other aspect, it is a thing good too, as an experience I guess, everyone will have to go through this stage in order to grow up and now I know and I have learn that I must be careful when I see those junctions, incase the other drivers are like the lady driver who may not aware of the cars which are coming. Everyone will met an accident once. It's life time experience, I guess. Anyway I really thank HIM that there are no injuries that I have to suffer because of this accident. Thank you.

The end of story. Wanted to know? Come and ask me = )

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★ ★
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life is tough and hard.

Things are happening out of expectations.

Many thoughts are running in my mind.

I wonder and wonder as always.

I have my own resolution.

I dont know weather I am able to do it and achieve.


Really many thoughts are reminiscing in my mind.

I wonder did I make a wrong decision?

Wonder and wonder.

Where do I get an answer?


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★ ★
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to the starting point,
Your youthful face is in my memories
We've finally come to this day
The old photograph is under the table

A boy will have a date with a girl today
Back to the starting point,
Standing in front of the mirror blankly
Tieing a red tie into a knot clumsily
Hair is comb like an mature adult,
Wearing a handsome suit
You will be prettier that what i expected when i meet u later
I really wan to go back those years
When we were sitting front back in the classroom
Purposely want to get scolding from you
Pairing arrangement written on the blackboard

Are you willing to let me go?
He will love her even though they're sitting differently
Those missed years of heavy rain
Those missed years of romance
I really want to hug you
Hug the missed courage
Thoughts of conquer the whole world
But in the end, I realised
Everything about the world is all about you
I really wanna tell you that I have never forgetten the night, the sky full of stars
Our promise in parellel time and space
If we meet again, I will hug you tightly
Hug you tightly

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